medical diagnostic CT rapid test kits

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Pathological Analysis Equipments
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2x10 3 IFU/ml
Endocervical or urethral secretion
Over 99.8%
test card ,Lysis Solution A.B,Plastic Extraction Tube ,Dacron swab
20 Test per box OEM
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medical diagnostic CT rapid test kits
Endode standard , 20 Test / Kit .
Individual foil pack test cassette .
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sexually disease chlamydia diagnostic test kits                                  



  • 21 years experience
  • Simple operation, reliable result
  • High sensitivity and specificity,precision
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease test kits





medical diagnostic CT rapid  test kits  


Colloidal gold


Endocervical or urethral secretion


Individual packed test cassette,Lysis Solution A,Lysis Solution B,Plastic Extraction Tube ,Dacron  swab,Package Insert


The detection value of C.trachomatics should be higher than 2x103  IFU/ml


Compared with 8 different kinds infection factors and the test coincidence rate is 8/8




24 Months







The kit utilizes the chemical extraction of a carbohydrate antigen from Chlamydia followed by the utilization of migratory color immunoassay technology for the qualitative detection of Chlamydia trachomatis. In the test procedure, a unique pair of monoclonal antibodies to Chlamydia Trachomatis are employed. One monoclonal antibody is immobilized on a porous nitrocellulous(NC) membrane while the other monoclonal antibody is conjugated to colloid gold as signaling component. If using swab, specimen from a patient is treated with extraction reagent A and B to extract the antigen. The extracted sample is added to the sample window of the cassette The liquid migrates through the absorbent area and along the NC membrane. If Chlamydia trachomatis antigen is present, the monoclonal antibody labeled colloid gold conjugate binds to it, forming a colloid gold conjugate-monoclonal antibody-antigen complex. As the complex flows along the membrane, the complex is captured by the other monoclonal antibody immobilized in the test zone (T) of the membrane, producing a visible rose pink color band. The excessive colloid gold conjugate migrating further is captured by the antibody immobilized in the control zone (C) of the membrane. A rose-pink line in the test zone ( T ) indicates the presence of Chlamydia trachomatis antigen. A rose-pink line in the control zone (C) indicates the test is working properly. When only one control line appears with no test line, Chlamydia trachomatis antigen has not been detected and the test result is considered negative. The control line gives an added measure of quality control by demonstrating antibody recognition, assuring that the procedure was performed correctly; and that the reagents are chemically active. A desiccant is enclosed with the test device to stabilize the reactive agents.



Intend to use

 medical diagnostic CT rapid  test kits



  Rapid immunoassay for direct qualitative detection of Chlamydia trachomatis antigen from endocervical or endourethral swab specimens.



Specimen collection  medical diagnostic CT rapid  test kits


The quality of specimen obtained is extremely important. Detection of Chlamydia requires a rigorous and thorough collection technique which provides active cellular tissues rather than just secretion.


For female endocervical specimens:


  • Use only Dacron tipped sterile swabs. It is recommended to use the swab supplied by the kits manufacturer. Swabs with cotton tips are not recommended
  • Before specimen collection, remove excess mucus from the endocervical area with a separate swab or cotton ball and discard . With the swab , insert into the endocervix and pass the squamocolumnar junction until most of the tip is no longer visible. This will permit acquisition of columnar or cubical epithelial cells which are the main reservoir of Chlamydia organism. Firmly rotate (clockwise or anticlockwise) the swab in a circle and stay for 5-10 seconds without contamination with exocervical or vaginal cells
  • Put the swab into the extraction tube, if the test may be run immediately




For male urethral specimens:


  • Standard Dacron tipped sterile swabs should be used for urethral specimen collection. Instruct the patients not to urinate at least one hour prior to specimen collection
  • Insert the swab into the urethra about 2-4cm; firmly rotate (clockwise or anticlockwise) a circle and stay for 5-10 seconds , withdraw it, and place it into the extraction tube, if the swab may be tested immediately. If not, place the specimen into a dry transport tube for transport and storage. The swabs maybe stored for 4-6 hours at room temperature (15-30°C) or 24-48 hours at 2-8°C, freeze is forbidden.
  • All specimens should be brought back into room temperature of 15-30°C before testing.




For male urine specimens


  • Collect the first urine (approximately 15-30ml) in the morning. The maximum of C.trachomatics antigens can be detected from the first urine in the morning.
  • Specimen should be stored 24 hours at 2-8°C, if immediate testing is not allowed
  • Shake and mix the specimen, 10ml specimen is drawn into centrifugal tube with 10ml distilled water, centrifugate the mixture at 3000rpm/s for 15-20 mins.
  • Discard the supernatant carefully. Turn over the centrifugal tube, absorb the residual urine with absorbent paper.




Operating  Steps

 medical diagnostic CT rapid  test kits




Prepare endocervical or Urethral swab specimens:



1)     Add 5-6drops (approximately 200µl) of Lysis solution A into the extraction tube vertically. Immerse the specimen swab into the extraction tube. Squeeze the tube and twirl the swab for 15 times. Then keep the swab in the extraction tube for 2 mins


2)     Add 5-6drops (approximately 200µl) of Lysis solution B into the same extraction tube.Deposit may be produced in the mixture. Squeeze the tube and twirl the swab for 15 times. Then keep the swab in the extraction tube for one minute. The solution will be brown if the swab with blood. Wring all extractive from swab and discard the swab. Finally, cover the extraction tube with a filtration tip.



Prepare urine specimen


Add 5-6 drops (approximately 200µl) of Lysis solution B into the tube. Shake to mix well (use vortex mixer if necessary). Transfer the mixture from centrifugal tube to extraction tube, add 5-6 drops (approximately 200µl) of Lysis solution A, and squeeze the wall of tube 15 times and stay for one minute.



Performance procedure 

Dispense 2 drops of extracted samples from extraction tube to the sample well(S) on the test cassette, read the result within 10-15 minutes.  Do not interpret the result after 15 minutes 




Performance Characteristics


1.     Positive Coincidence Rate:100%

2.     Negative Coincidence Rate:100%

3.     Analytical Sensitivity:The detection value of C.trachomatics should be higher than 2x103  IFU/ml

4.     Analytical Specificity: Compared with 8 different kinds infection factors and the test coincidence rate is 8/8.

5.     Intra-batch Discrepancy: The test results are same in one batch

6.     Inter-batch Discrepancy: The test results are same in different batch


Storage and stability


  • The kit should be stored at 2-30°C in a cool and dry place, protected from light
  • The validity duration is 12 months
  • Do not freeze.
  • Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the package.


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